Fake Power and True Power

There are two types of power: fake power and true power.

Fake power is fleeting, limited and fragile. Social standing, financial worth, positions and titles all come from this realm of power.

True power is much more substantial—and sustaining. It’s real and it’s honest and it lasts. Your natural creativity, productivity, bravery and decency belong to this universe of power.

At the current evolution point of our world, the majority reveres the first form. Those with the most social media followers, material objects and public adulation are considered to be the winners.

And yet, I deeply believe that the genuine heroes and the authentic titans are the very few who measure their greatness by the magic of their work, the size of their impact and by the purity of their character.

Here’s the thing: from the moment we are born we are taught to ignore our highness.

We are trained and schooled and seduced to fear and doubt and disbelieve the longings of our heart. To accept average. To play small.

After years of this programming by media and society, we FORGET who we truly are.

We dismiss our lofty dreams and deny our ethical ambitions. We begin to lead half lives: being busy being busy and occupying our days with trivial pursuits…

…instead of honoring the genius that lives within every human spirit.

To reclaim your everyday heroism you must make a decision. Starting today. To change your path and to start doing the work that makes your magic real.

There are many tactics available to you to make your transformation and a series of beautiful methods that will give you results. None of this is motivation. All of this is real—and about creating a revolution, for yourself.

Yet, it all begins with a choice. And then protecting and advancing and realizing that choice day after day after day for whatever remains of your oh so important life.

Yes our planet is dealing with a plague and wars and wildfires and social unrest. Yet, you have the true power to manage your mind, open your heart, upgrade your fitness and send your soul a flight with joy and service.

You do have this power. This I know to be true.

~ Robin Sharma

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